Horizon Pictures

Park City, Utah / Jackson, Wyoming

Award winning motion picture
and television productions

Equipment Rental Rates

Horizon Pictures has select HD and Film equipment available at competitive rates.  All equipment is airline-ready and can be shipped anywhere.

Please call 310/849-8090 or e-mail for a quote.

HiDef Camera Packages
ItemModelPer Day
Panasonic VARICAM HD Camera (No lens) AJ-HDC27FP $825.00
- Anton Bauer Batteries (4) Dionic 90W incl.
- Bauer Charger for above Titan 2 incl.
- Sachtler Video 20 tripod w/carbon fiber legsVideo 20 incl.
Canon 11 x 4.7mm zoom lens HJ11ex4.7B $300.00
Canon 21 x 7.5mm zoom lens HJ21ex7.5B IRSD $325.00
AJA On-Board downconverter to SD HD10MD3 $125.00
Microforce Power zoom control V + F $65.00
Chroziel Wide angle Matte box 4x5 $55.00
Chroziel follow focus (2 sided) $50.00
127mm screw-in Polarizer filter Schneider $35.00
Panasonic Extension Control Unit (for Varicam) AJ-EC3 $45.00
Canon HDV Camera (3-chip) XH-A1 $225.00
Sony small HDV Camera (1-chip) A1-U $150.00
Aaton XTR Super 16mm complete package XTR-Plus $700.00
Monitors, Decks, Post!
ItemModelPer Day
Panasonic 8.4" flat-screen monitor (with batteries)BT-LH900P $180.00
Panasonic 17" HiDef LCD Monitor (portable) BT-LH1700W $200.00
Panasonic 1400 DVCPRO-HD Playback deck AJ-HD-1400 $375.00
HD Video Projector - Panasonic PT-AE900U $95.00
Sony Betacam Player with Slo-Motion PVW 2650 $175.00
General Grip and Lighting Equipment
ItemModelPer Day
Joker 800 watt HMI (with lenses) $175.00
Chimera for above $20.00
Kino Diva - dimmable, 4-tube $65.00
Microdolly - portable dolly kit - 14 foot track $150.00
Long Valley Jib (7 foot reach) $85.00
C-Stands (4 available) Norms $4.50
6x6 Butterfly set (incl frame) (2 available) Norms $65.00
42" hard reflectors (2 in set) Mathews $18.00
Shot bags/Sand bags Various $2.00
Combo Stands Norms $4.00
575watt HMI Fresnel LTM $85.00
Omni-Light kit incl Chimera Lowell $55.00